Monday, July 10, 2006

A New Addition...

My parents came to visit this past weekend and brought me a new friend! His name is "Taka" (officially Bartok) but this is what I'm going to call him on a regular basis. He'll be a year old in October and already seems to be adjusting very well. Those of you that knew/met my last cat, Chloe....Taka is the total opposite!!! LOL

He's pretty laid back unless he wants to play. But he likes to love and be loved on. The way I'm holding him in this picture is the way he likes to be held all the time. (if you hold him any other way, he will panic) He meows occasionally, but even then, it's quiet. I think it's more when he wants something.

I was afraid he'd be all stressed from going to my parents house (with another cat and large chocolate lab), then to my aunt's house (with ANOTHER cat and large yellow lab), then to my apartment (all with new people) and the car rides in between. As long as they let him out of the carrier while they were driving, he was fine and seemed to take the transitions rather well.

As you can see in the following pictures he wasn't real concerned about any of it. LOL

I just wanted to share my excitement. I think we'll get along great and hopefully some of you can come meet my new buddy in the near future! He's not afraid of strangers either!! =)