Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas & New Year's are gone....hello 2008!

So I'm a sucker for Christmas decorations....obviously. I just wanted to post something new (as a result of my nagging cousin!-j/k) Anyway, I really did want to post a few pix from Christmas and New Year's Day.
I just love stopping at my Aunt's house on my way to Savannah to see my parents. She decorates so beautifully, I spend most of my time taking pictures of her house than visiting with everyone! (or making her think her house is on fire because my flash keeps going off!- lol) So I was bad and didn't take many pictures of Christmas morning with the family, but here are some of my favorite shots of my Aunt's house all decorated for the season.
At the bottom are some shots of me and my friends ringing in the New Year! Here's to a great one!