Monday, June 02, 2008

Lingerie Shower Extraordinaire....

...Self proclaimed, obviously. And I only say that cause I've got so much shower stuff at my apartment now, I could throw several more even after Lacey's Lingerie Shower this past Saturday! (all of them will be pink and black of course because that's what I've got) But it sure was fun! Here's some of the pix without giving too much of the afternoon/evening away...Brandon has to be surprised! LOL

We had so much fun all dressed up in our "little black dresses". The themed shower turned out to be a big hit. Here are some of the pix:

Ok, on to the people that were actually there! I couldn't help it! A lot of preparation went into this thing and I've never thrown one of these before. i wanted to take note of how I made it happen...obviously I was getting into the pink and black theme a little. We had a blast!