Friday, May 30, 2008

Maid of .....STRESS!

So my sister is getting married......YES, before me! I'm over it. I'm so excited for Lacey! In fact...the Lingerie Shower I'm throwing for her on Saturday is going to be so much fun -I can't wait!! Obviously no pix yet, but here are a few UNTOUCHED photos of the happy couple. I've been so busy with the shower plans I haven't had any quality time with photoshop yet. I took these engagement photos at the end of April if memory serves me correctly.....that's how crazy it's been so far and we're not even to the 1 month/2 month count down yet!

There will be shower pix, I promise. I can't promise how quickly they'll be on here, but....anyway. Here's my WONDERFUL sister, Lacey, and her fiance Brandon!