Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm not LOOKING.....honest!

Seems like everytime I talk to someone about wanting to find a guy or have the possibility of dating, they tell me "You'll find them when you're not looking, so stop looking"....I don't get that. Cause I'm not "looking" per say. I don't date (not that I don't want to...). I don't go out much. I barely meet new people cause I live in this "bubble" and new people don't seem to enter into it very often (work, church, apartment). Every once in a blue moon I'll meet someone and briefly think, "what if" or "it would be nice to get to know them better"....but it usually doesn't get any farther than that, cause I'm a big chicken or the person doesn't stick around long.
I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to STOP looking when I'm NOT! If I stopped looking any harder, people would call me a HERMIT! (or a hobbit, since i'm about the height of one really) LOL But you get my point, at least I hope so. There's the occasional set-up which everyone seems to think is their job, but i haven't persued anyone on my own in a very long time and don't foresee that happening any time soon.
Anyway, just venting a little about the mystery of being single. It takes too much energy to actually persue anyone and it's safer most of the time to just be single and work on being the best "ME" I can why does being single feel so crappy most of the time??


Anonymous said...

I don't really have a comment, cause I agree with everything you said and don't know how to make it different. Wish I did! I just thought it was sad that there were no comments posted for this yet! Now there is one! So, what's the difference between this Blog and My Space?

Shannon said...

I guess just the venue and setup really. People just vent about stuff serious or silly (mostly silly). However some Jon Owen and Corey Trevathan use it to spread thoughts on God, bible that comes from their daily lives (since their ministers and all) It's also slower...I mean if you check your blog everyday and read all the comments, and reply, it's pretty much like email, but you're basically waiting for someone to react to your ranting on here...which is fine if you have something to announce or rant about. But I prefer myspace. I just check these for a daily laugh most of the time. (i have links to my friends' blogs and i go through them for updates periodically) Espeicially Kisti's now that she found me through Robyn's blog (small world)! we're trying to catch up and keep in touch through emails and this mostly.

Anonymous said...

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