Thursday, June 22, 2006

I love my Family!

This is actually a shot of just my section of family. This Gattis Reunion was started with 10 children (Gattises). The people in this photo are just the decendants of 1 of those children, my great-grandmother Welch, who passed away almost 2 years ago. There is only one child still living as Uncle Tom, one of the last 2 passed away this year. They will all be missed and hopefully we can keep up the wonderful tradition that brings our family together each year. It's up to us "KIDS"!!

As the Family Reunion drew nearer this year, I decided I was going to take many, many pictures this time! Since the last reunion I've been to, (2 years ago) I have purchased an SLR and a Digital-Sony I was going to have some fun! Well, little did I know that Grandpa Fry had plans for me! He asked me to take pictures for the scrapbooks we make every year and to get as many faces as possible. I chuckled to myself, since I had planned on doing that very thing anyway! =) So I told him what my plan was. He let me use his SLR since he had the film and I used my digital since I was more familiar with it.

I absolutely LOVE when I get to be with my immediate family, and even more so when more extended family are there as well. The more the merrier!! Here are some of my favorites from this year's Gattis Family Reunion:

* This is a distant cousin's little boy. It was SO hot out that weekend!

*The thing to do is ride stuff out at the Frys'- this was the John Deere tractor!

*This is one of my dad's sisters- Janet

There are so many more shots I love, but it wouldn't let me add them in this blog. If you really would like to see more, just click here to see my MySpace profile and watch my slideshow.