Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Workshop

Ok, so these didn't upload exactly how I intended, but you get the idea. Here are some pix of the projects we did at my March Workshop. (minus the candle- no picture of it yet). This first one is the kids project i did for the 3 little girls that were there as well. Then the adults and I did a candle and the two cards. The bottom photos are the altered chocolate bars I used as door prizes. The wrapped ones I gave to my hostess, Julie! Thanks again Julie! I look forward to stamping with her in the future as she will be a member of my Hostess Club starting in the coming months. Thanks for looking!



John, Kisti & Maren said...

Too cute! Hope your business is going well;)

Lerra said...

Cute stuff!!

Stacia said...

Love all the new stuff you made! Hope you had a good Easter weekend. Have you checked out Grandma's blog yet?!?

Gabbin' with Giff said...

I'm tagging you!
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Gabbin' with Giff said...

That would be awesome to get together! Where are you at right now? Looks like you're doing well. Tell the rest of your family I said, "hello!" :>