Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July with the Fam

I finally got to take a trip to Clayton, GA to see my grandparents' new house! It was absolutely gorgeous! All of us were there (mom, dad, me, lacey, levi & Brandon-lacey's fiance). We had a nice surprise Friday, the 4th too. Our Aunt Ginny, Uncle Steve and 2 cousins came as well. We all had a blast cookin' out and shootin fireworks. Here's some of the pix from the festivities. Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th this year!

Finally got the children organized so we could make some cool shots with the sparklers! =)


Stacia said...

Love all your 4th pictures! I showed Hailey the 'I love U' shot and she said " how cool! " Glad you finally got to go up there and that Brandon got to meet Grandma and Grandaddy too!! See ya next month :-) I'm getting excited, but I still need to get a hotel...I keep putting that off!

Doris said...

Good job Shannon with your pics. I was hoping you would post the ones with the sparklers. I didn't take any of those.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Shannon! Sorry we couldn't make it up there. We did have a blast, though, with Uncle Jimmy's family. First time in about 5 years that all siblings and their mother had been together. Anyway, we will see you next month.

Oh, and Stacia, you best be gettin' that hotel room, girlie :-). I told your mom that we were staying at the Days Inn & Suites.