Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lacey's wedding

So...I was a tad busy and didn't have time to take any photos... =( *sniff*

BUT!! I have wonderful friends and family who caught different aspects of the action of the day. I've uploaded these couple from a friend's camera and here's a link to my cousin's blog with a great summary of Lacey & Brandon's Wedding Day.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to see the official ones based on how great THESE are! =)


Stacia said...

Thanks for the link shout-out :-) I had such a great time at the wedding. Wish we could have visited more but I know how busy everybody was. The wedding was beautiful and everyone that's been visiting my blog (who doesn't know Lacey) just keeps saying how pretty everything was!! I know you did a lot!!
Hope to see you soon! Glad we all got to meet Joshua ;-) He seems really nice. Make sure you post more so we can get to know him better!

Lerra said...

That's where Mark & Lindsay got married! It's gorgeous out there. Glad the wedding went well!

Doris said...

Glad to see those photos. I have been anxious to see the official ones. Mine weren't that great and some were the same as Stacia's, so I haven't posted any.
How is Josh?