Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Wedding Present....A Little Early

My fiance and I love each other so much (I'd hope so since we're getting married in a month and a half, right?-hee hee!). We also love to get each other things that we've wished for. I LOVE to surprise him. And to be honest, he likes to surprise me too, but he grew up pretty much knowing what he was getting at any given holiday. People ask him what he wants, he tells them, and that's what they get him. Or he gets money. For me, that kind of ruins all the fun! And that's not the way I work, which frustrates him. =)

That being said. We've already discussed what we really wanted for our wedding gifts that we're getting for each other, if we can... Well, my fiance is a GOOBER (code for wonderful) and gave me mine early! Granted, he wanted me to be able to use it for events leading up to the wedding. But I think he just truly couldn't stand to wait. LOL

He told me a "story" about where he was Friday afternoon while I was running errands after work, checking in occasionally-not odd for him. Meanwhile, he's driving all over Montgomery and even out to Prattville to get the awesomeness that is my wedding present! =) I get home and he's there already and we talk about our wedding gifts again over dinner-also not unusual, so I'm not suspicious at all. I go in the office to work on wedding stuff and a few minutes later he walks in with THIS, and asks..."is this the kind of bag you mean?"

I was shocked and just about speechless....I just asked..."Did you get the WHOLE thing already??" He said, "oh yeah, I've been lying to you all afternoon and was afraid you'd spot me driving around Montgomery this afternoon! LOL" So for all you readers who are completely confused or just on the edge of your seat at this point. This is what my wonderful fiance got me for my wedding gift: The Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Camera, 18-55 mm Lens, 55-200 mm Zoom Lens, 2 lithium batteries, charger, 2 4 GB memory cards, a lens hood for the zoom lens and the Nikon bag to put it all in!! I can't wait to find my settings and get comfortable with it so I can use it everywhere!!

Above is the back of the camera showing the swivel LED screen open...I love it!

The whole shebang! (above)

I already have a light meter, external flash and tripod, so i'm all set to go! =) I even have growing room if I move stuff around. There's so many pockets and possibilities with this bag.

This shows the swivel LED screen turned all the way around and ready to use.

I feel a tad guilty that I can't give him his gift yet, but whenever I get to play with my camera, I get distracted and just grin a lot. He doesn't mind, and I think he gets a kick out of surprising me and seeing me happy. I love him so much and can't wait to be his wife!!


Robyn said...

How AWESOME!!! So excited for you!

Shannon said...

Thanks! I'm excited for me too! I feel like I'm "back in business". I think I'd actually like to take a class this summer, but we'll see what the future holds. Wedding first! I personally can't wait to see that adorable little man of yours when he decides to grace us with his presence. You look so wonderful & happy. You will be an awesome mother, Robyn.

The Anderson Family said...

That's awesome Shannon and SO SWEET!! I think I need you to take some pics of Tanner...after the wedding of course!

Stacia said...

Do you think that weekend we come to AL in March you'd have free time to take some picutres of my kids??? jk!! lol!! LOVE your new camera :D

Shannon said...

you are just HILARIOUS Stacia!! lol but i love you anyway. I'm excited to see you're having a boy too! YAY!! Maybe I'll be comfy with my camera enough to get some photos of him when he's born or shortly after. =)