Thursday, August 24, 2006

How I measure up

So I've been slowly but surely getting things going with my photography business. I'm all licensed up and even have business cards. I'm still taking my courses at home, but while I am, I can now make money when I'm asked to take photographs of someone/something.

My best friend, Amy, sent me an ad about a Photo Contest that's continuously taking entries. I'd looked at it before, but didn't put much stock in it. Well, I guess out of sheer morbid curiosity I entered one of my photos (the wedding glasses), just to see how i measured up....if it even got noticed. I'm just eager for any kind of professional feedback on how i'm doing so far. I have a hard time not comparing myself to others on a daily basis, and now to other photographers. Not that I expect to win awards for my photos, but I'd like to know how I'm doing to help me find out what I need to fix or learn...and then maybe help me find my direction. (what i'm going to specialize in) I like SO many types of photographs, I can't decide. And I don't have the energy to try and do it all! =)

Just some thoughts as I start this journey of doing what I love.


Robyn said...

I love the pictures that you posted! Definitely some of your best! Be sure and let me know what you find out from the competition. I applaud you for entering . . . I'm certainly not brave enough to do that yet! You're doing a great job and are well on your way. You know that I definitely support your work!

Don't be discouraged if you get tough feedback from the competition . . . the photographer that I worked for in Lubbock had been a professional for about 8 years, decided to enter a competition one day and scored fairly low. The picture was gorgeous, but the critique from other professionals for competition is very hard because they look at SO many aspects that we're not always aware of. It's very much a technical critique and not very much an artist critique. I'm not sure what kind of competition that she entered . . . I know that some are more difficult than others, so she may have entered a really tough one. No matter what though, it will definitely be a great learning tool . . . just be aware that it may be tough. You also have to consider that part of that is if other professionals are judging your work (especially locally), they are looking at your work as business competition as well and no matter what, that is not a good thing for them. So, sometimes you just have to take it with a grain of salt on some level.

Since we don't have any more weddings, we'll have to get together for some other reason! Talk to you soon!

Lerra said...

I think they look great! I'm no professional, but I do know that the pics look good. Maybe you'll be the next...uhhh..ok so I don't know any famous photographers.

Ryan Adair said...

Good luck with it. I think you made a good choice for your contest entry. As a matter of fact, I chose the wine glass picture as my favorite before I read your post.

Kanona said...

Thanks for the supporting comments! =) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've chosen the right path to start down....Cause this is certainly something I'd love to do for the rest of my life. We'll just see if it's enough to pay the bills a little further down the road.

John & Kisti said...

How crazy...I found your site through Robyn's. I was friends with her at LCU.
How are you? I haven't talked to you in forever:) I just got an email from your mom a few weeks ago:) Sounds like all is going well with them!
Your work is incredible! What a fun career. My aunt just finished photography school and has been doing a lot of work with our little girl! (Yes, we have a new bambino...) You'll have to check out my blog.
I'm so glad I found you...drop me a line;)