Friday, December 29, 2006

So you haven't seen my family lately?.....

I don't really have anything specific to blog about, hence the lengthy gap between now and my last blog. But I've been requested to post more of my family for those that I don't see often enough (or has been years since I've seen!) So per Kisti's's some recent shots of the fam (at least the ones I have on THIS computer) I can get more later. Some of you may not even recognize my sister, but especially my brother! I'm hoping to look different soon myself (New Year's Resolution to lose weight), but here we are....Have a great weekend and safe New Year! oh...and before the comment comes, the day we "paired off" and took the pix at Thanksgiving, Lacey had already left. Then Christmas came and it rained and still no pic with Lacey....My sister pix are on another cd at home. I'll do better next time, promise! =)


Robyn said...

Yay! You updated!!! Love the pics! How are things going? I still need to return your email . . . the holidays have been fun, but keeping me very distracted!

Shannon said...

Things are going pretty well. I should get my tripod, new flash and light meter by the end of the week. I'm so excited! Which means I'll have it in plenty of time for the wedding on January 27th. The wedding party is smaller now too, so it's getting easier for my first wedding. I'm feeling a little better about it. I still need a refresher on tips/reminders and a pep talk from you though. =)
If we can sit and visit between now and then, I'd love it...if not, i understand and will settle for an email. =) My friend, Amy decided to make me the "holy grail" of photography bags for my business and matching shirts using my colors (pink and brown) I can't wait! I'll describe them for you later in detail.

Hope to see or hear from you soon!

(emailing this to you as well, in case you check that first)


John & Kisti said...

Yeah for family pictures! I was right, I would never have recognized Levi:)
What a cute family:) We need to have a Cadwell/ Fry reunion:)