Friday, April 13, 2007

Meet the Claybrooks!

I know, I'm behind because these are some of the pix from the wedding I photographed at the end of January in Brundidge, AL @ Hamilton Cross Roads COC. But I'm just now getting around to putting them on here. Anyway, this is my very first wedding! I was rather pleased with the shots I got. And this wedding wasn't supposed to happen until later this year! That's a whole other story...and long! LOL Well, for those of you that wanted to see them, here they are!


John & Kisti said...

Lovely work!

Lerra said...

Those are really great! And from reading about your upcoming schedule, it sounds like you're starting to build some business. Keep up the good work!

On a side note, why does that bride have one red rose? Is there a significance behind that?

Shannon said...

The bride has one red rose because during the ceremony, she placed a red rose in her dad's seat beside her mom. He's deceased. So after the ceremony we took several pix with the one red rose in it on purpose. Her original bouquet had just he white roses though. =) I thought it made a very nice touch to some of the pix. Thanks for the compliments.

kimc2007 said...

hey just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work! I really just appreciate your patience and all through that very chaotic time. It was great though! Im married and its finally wonderful to have a life of my own! I love it! I love my husband!! :) I cant wait for my other sitting, I know those pictures will be great! Just wanted to thank you again, and to tell you that it was all worth it to me and meant a lot to me!! To me, nothing else matters but that! Your hard work is very much so appreciated!! :)

In Him,
Kim Claybrook