Friday, March 30, 2007

April Already?????

Ok, I know. I'm a slacker!!! It's going to be April on Sunday and I haven't blogged since January!! I could have blogged sooner cause I had stuff to talk about, just no time to upload pix or anything. This is going to be quick as well...but just so I don't get in trouble for not updating everyong.

I had my first wedding in January (as a photographer)- pix will come later. I had Family Portraits last Sunday, I have a child's 2 year portraits coming up and a Bridal Portrait session in May. There's also a possible Cap & Gown session I just found out about today. We'll see what happens with that....

Anyway, February, I had a little fender bender in my little red Miata. She's ok, and I'm ok....we ended up with new parts and a brand new paint job! (no before picture, sorry) but here's what she looks like now! Especially after our bath last weekend! =) we have new parts, new paint job, oil change, new tires and new brakes coming in April. Its like a whole new car! Or will be! lol

So my schedule will get hectic as soon as April starts. I've got Creative Memories crops, Portrait sessions scheduled, Stampin' Up events (like creative memories, only stamps) , T-Ball games to get pix for a friend. When I'm not doing that, I'll be traveling. May I have my sister's college graduation from harding university, my brother's high school graduation in savannah, ga, then my family reunion the next weekend.

In june, get ready for this, I have my 10 year high school reunion!!! my alma mater is Enterprise High school. I can't wait to see everyone, but it'll be bitter sweet after the tornados this month demolishing my old school....

Well, gotta go for now. I'll add more later! Consider this a crash course update!


John & Kisti said...

Hey girl!

Yea for a post!

I'm kinda thinking about coming down for the reunion. My reunion has kind of fizzled out. Jane Ann's been trying to talk me into going to Enterprise's. I had Leslie put me on the list. We'll see if it works out!

Cute car:)

Robyn said...

How terrible to have a crash in your car! It looks good as new though. And, congrats on all of the upcoming photo shoots!!! I know you're excited about that. Be sure and post pics on your blog.