Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

So I actually did something this year for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day...So I thought I'd post a little.
It was kind of a last minute thing, but Dad called and the plan was to ride motorcycles New Year's Day with the Harley Group to Thomasville, Ga...have lunch...and then ride back to Dothan/Enterprise.
It all started out fine...I drove to Enterprise,AL Sunday evening and had a big New Year's Eve dinner at Ron's with Ron, Donna, Dad and Ron's son, Scott, and his girlfriend, Kathy...complete with deep fried Turkey! Yum!!!! It had been raining but the rain was supposed to be gone in time for the ride the next morning. Long story, short, it didn't clear fast enough and Donna didn't want to ride in the rain on her new bike which hadn't been dirty/wet yet. I was even ready early that morning (7:30 am!) and all set to get on a motorcycle, rain or shine. It's been so long since I've been able to go on a ride, I was just glad to have the opportunity. Oh well, the Harley jacket went back to the closet, and the 4 of us hopped in Donna's Jeep Cherokee and rode to Thomasville with 3 bikes and another vehicle. It ended up being a group of 12 all together and a good visit and lunch! =) Didn't get to ride the motorcycle but the end result was the same....Great trip with Great company! Here's some pix from the previous night and the adventures from New Year's Day. Hope everyone had a great one too!!

Ever seen one of these up close? I HAVE!!! My dad and Ron were trying to put a few of these together so they'd fire as a group so I could get a picture. well, 2 of them went up and knocked the 3rd over pointing back towards us. All I heard was dad say "uh oh"-not having a clue where it had gone! Luckily there was a vehicle between me and it. All I could do was bunker down and hide the camera. Nothing happened besides a show UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. Those things are a lot bigger up close!! LOL

Eating at the Farmer's Market in Thomasville, GA with members of the Harley Owners Group.

Donna & Ron
The Big Oak in Thomasville, GA

From underneath The Big Oak...

Cypress trees in John & Gabriel's backyard in Bainbridge, GA

Happy New Year Everyone!!


John & Kisti said...

When you started talking about Ron, I wondered if that might be Ron Manning...then the pictures confirmed funny:)

I'll have to send Mom to your blog to look at all the photos! She and dad will be jealous, they haven't done much riding since Dad retired.

Fun firework photos! Mine never turn out like I imagine them:)

Have a great day!


Robyn said...

LOVE the cypress picture!!! They are all super, but that one is dreamy to me!!!

Lerra said...

I would have freaked out if I was that close to the fireworks! :-)